Welcome to the Department of Information Eugene Victor Debs Library located in the Office of Public Awareness basement, West Annex, Building D, Main Campus. If you are looking for the Digital Transformation and Disruption Media Center please turn around and go back to the East Annex 2nd Floor Lobby or call the main line (1-844-DOI-9003) and ask for assistance.

We are currently closed and undergoing construction as part of Phase One of the 2024 Information Expansion Budget but our online archives are still open and available to staff and visitors.

Here you will find original Department publications and media as well as digitized content from across the wider information landscape and partner organizations.

Natural Earth Collections

The Department of Information Office of Public Awareness’s Natural Earth Field Recordings is an ongoing audiovisual series documenting multidimensional ambient moments in space and time.

Visit the Natural Earth Field Recordings Archive

Printed and Physical Media Preservation Vault

(Coming in 2024)

Photo of the interior of a 1990s carpeted office with harsh lighting and cubicles

Office of Public Awareness Division of Film, Radio, Television, and Books Rare Media Archives

(Coming in 2024)