The practice of eating insects, especially by people.

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Many countries already are “entomophagous,” feeding on bugs such as beetles, mealworms, and grasshoppers as a culinary delight: 36 African countries, 23 in the Americas, 29 in Asia, and 11 in Europe

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took a stab at #cicada cookies from @CicadaCrewUMD recipe set! slight nutty flavor but not really noticeable on a chocolate cookie beyond texture. May try a garlic stir fry next. #BroodX #entomophagy


Some insect farmers believe that mechanical shredding is the least painful way to kill insects suitable for human consumption. Freezing is also commonly used for commercial entomophagy operations, though as discussed above, there is debate over whether freezing is fully humane.

Insect Euthanasia Wikipedia Entry

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Country-level searches for “entomophagy” over the past 5 years via GoogleTrends data


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